Play Cubefield Game




Cubefield created by Max Abernethy in 2006, is a simple but yet highly addictive game. In CubeField Online game play you are a grey arrow which you control with your left and right arrow keys. However you cannot control the speed but you must avoid cubes. The grey arrow gives off the feeling that you are driving a plane with how you turn. You are moving above a silver platform, in which the cubes seem to stand on. These cubes are orange and yellow and come at you sometimes in a pattern and other times randomly.

This is basically a survival game, the more you play the game the faster it gets and the more cubes appear. Scoring depends on how long you can travel without running into other cubes. The cube game doesn’t stop, although it seems like it has level upon level for numerous reasons.

Gameplay Of Cubefield


First being you are taken into a tunnel like environment from which there seems to be. No escape and by getting released from the tunnel, it gives off the assumption you have reached a new level. Secondly, periodically throughout the cubefield game the color and style change often, again giving off the assumption you have reached a new level as well as the increase of speed throughout the game.

If 3D games are your favorite then you’ll love Cubefield its 3D look is remarkable with 3 dimensional boxes. One downfall for this game is there is no high score list however, there is a ‘Top Score’ feature that tells you your personal. Best score and gives you an idea of how well you’re doing, there is a number in the upper left hand corner of the game, that continues to grow as long as you are avoiding boxes.

Pause the game simply by pressing the letter ‘P’, you can also adjust the quality of the game by selecting ‘Q’ on your keyboard. When wanting to start a new game. Just go to the introductory or start page and simply press your space button rather than clicking on ‘New Game’.

Tips & Tricks


It’s features like this one that make the average gamer want to play this games like this for hours on end. The author of this game did not include music nor any sound effects in this game. Because he feels its better to be able to listen to your own music as you play rather than any annoying game sound.

Advancing in the game is very difficult but if you get a score 999k or higher, write cubefield. As your alias and you will receive the advanced version, or a secret level which gives you shapes. Such as triangles and circles, This game sharpens your hand and eye coordination and is really fun and addicting and best of all it is free to play.

Many of the online  Tunnel Rush game sites have cubefield. Just remember. Watch out for them cubes and be quick with your arrow keys in this highly addictive and enjoyable online steering games.