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About The Game:

A fast, interesting, addictive and the easiest Cube Crash Game than any other online game. You will find different colored boxes on the screen grouped randomly. You just need to click on the group of boxes to score points. The scores will be displayed at the right side of the box of your game. You have to fill the desired score to run up to the next level by hitting the similar colored boxes. What you need to do is, just click on 3 or more similar colored boxes and empty the room. The more you do, the more you earn.

Controls are very easy. You just need to use the mouse to boost your score. Move your cursor on the same colored blocks which are in a group of 3 or more. Hit the left button of your mouse to remove it and gain points to succeed to the next level. You can select the type and color of cubes by clicking the ‘option’ button. Thus, by selecting your favorite pattern, hit the ‘play’ button and start playing and score more than anyone by just clicking left mouse button.

Tips and Tricks:
The more you hit, the more you score. But it is always necessary to get the necessary points to surpass to the next level. This game is not timed. So you do not have to worry about the clock ticking. Concentrate and play. Focusing on the number of boxes with same color in a group of 3 or more will only fetch you points. Every block you hit which is clubbed with more than 3 identical dyed blocks, you will keep earning bonus points per cube compared to hitting of 3 blocks. These additional bonus points are score boosters. It will fasten your chances of passing to the next Cube Crash Game level by making the maximum score. But make sure you use less number of clicks and leave less number of blocks at the end to successfully pass out.

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