Play Cubefield 2


The Cubefield 2 Game

If you haven’t had the chance to play the CubeField 2 game, you may not realize what you have been missing. This is a new browser game that has been designed the by YoArcade company. This company has been generating some impressive new titles recently. Not surprisingly, the Cubefield 2 Game has received high praise from its fan base. You might be interested in how you can start using this game for yourself. Just be careful, since many people have commented on how addicting the game play can be.

Cubefield 2 Game

The controls of the game are surprisingly simple to master. It may actually be somewhat reminiscent of arcade games from decades ago, such as Asteroids. The objective is to simply pilot your gray ship through a field of obstacles, which are represented by different colored cubes. This can be a fun and engaging game, since the difficulty will gradually increase over time. The overall goal will simply be to drive forward as far as you can possibly get without crashing in to an obstacle along the way.

The controls are very straightforward to get used to as you play the game. You will just use the left and right arrow keys to slide your ship back and forth within the field. You can opt to toggle the quality of the graphics in the game. Simply press the Q button on your keyboard to get started doing this. You can also press the P button to pause the game whenever you need to.

When you play the game, you will simply glide forward in your ship automatically. As you slowly advance, your ship will begin to move faster. There will also be more and different colored blocks in your way. This can be a little challenging at first, but still very exciting to try out for yourself.