Cut The Rope Game

Most casual games are refreshingly easy to play, while still presenting some kind of challenge to the player. The Cut the Rope game is a simple, easy to play game that focuses on presenting the player with easy to grasp physics puzzles that, when completed properly, feed a cute little furry creature waiting patiently for the player to get his food down.

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How Does it Work?

Every level begins with three stars and a single piece of fruit. The stars will be scattered around, and the piece of fruit will be suspended from one or more ropes. It might be swaying back and forth, or it might be sitting still, tied in place. The goal is to cut the right ropes in the right manner so that the fruit swings and drops through as many stars, and ends up in the mouth of the hungry little critter. Sometimes it’s a matter of cutting the ropes in a certain order, or at a certain point in the sway, but the higher up in level the game gets, the more demanding and the less forgiving the physics puzzles become. However, that doesn’t stop the little guy (named Om Nom) from being hungry.

Who Came Up With This?

cut the rope game

Cut the Rope, as well as the second game in the series, Cut the Rope: Experiments, were developed by the same company. ZeptoLab, which is based in Russia, released the game in the year 2010 for a number of different devices. Since then Cut the Rope and its sequel, as well as various other physics puzzle games that took their cue from this game’s success, have become a standby for casual gamers that want to put an extra little something on their iPhones or iPads for when they’re standing in a long line and need something to distract them.

Tips and Tricks

Cut the Rope is a simple game, in that all games that work off of a basic physics engine and present a puzzle are simple games. However, it’s still challenging, even once players have doped out what they should expect when it comes to the game’s physics engine. That said, one of the best ways to figure out what you’re supposed to do is to try a solution and see what happens.

This experimental method of gameplay might irritate some gamers, who want to get it right the first time, but sometimes a player doesn’t see the solution until they’ve cut a few ropes and seen where the puzzle is going. So, in addition to keeping an open mind, one of the best things to remember when playing Cut the Rope is that you can’t always predict what will and what won’t end up working in the end.

Play Cut the Rope for Free!

Cut the Rope is an engaging and fun game, no matter what playform it happens to be on. But there’s no reason for casual gamers or fans of physics puzzles to pay for a game when they could easily play it for free. That’s why they should come here and click the game, where all you need to play is time and a reliable Internet connection. For players that want to spread the word about Cut the Rope and all our other games, invite your friends to play game along!