Free Mahjong


Finding Free Mahjong games to play online seems nearly impossible today. However, here you can play free Mahjong here. Most sites will require you to register, download, or some other trickery. Here you will not be required to do anything and you can get to playing the game without that hassle.

Mahjong will be played by using the mouse for the most part. The mouse will be used to scroll to certain areas of the game you wish to click on and then clicking on desired piece of the game. The matter of time it takes for you to complete the game will reflect your score as well as how many tries to match the pieces.

mahjong game online

The main goal in Mahjong is to eliminate all of the pieces stacked up. However, as easy as this sounds, it can only be done in a certain way. The pieces have to be exactly the same. Pieces come in both numbers and graphics. Some pieces are not numbers and will be symbols or a graphic such as dragons. Even with the graphics, the must be the same to match. For example, a red dragon should be matched with a dragon that is red as well. To match the pieces, you scroll to one symbol you see a match for and click on it. Then, you find and click on the other piece that matches. If they are both the same, they will be removed.

What makes the game a challenge is the pieces can’t be blocked in. For example, if I want to click on a 7 piece and there are other pieces stacked up around it, I cannot click on it to select it. This means you will have to remove the other pieces before you can match those two pieces. The best tip and trick to this game is to remove the pieces off the top first, then the side, and at last work your way to the middle. This is the fastest way to play the game.

The shorter amount of time it takes to clear the board, the better since your score will also depend on time. Mahjong can come in many layouts. How many pieces there are and the shape will depend on difficulty level. The layout depends on difficulty level since you can only move pieces that are not surrounded. A more compact areas will be much more difficult to match and remove pieces since almost all of them are surrounded by other pieces.

If you find this website fun and wish to share, it is encouraged to share it or link the site. Most people will be happy to find site that will allow you to play games for free. Sharing and liking this site can be useful to everyone.

Although there are many advanced games out there, they do not require a challenge for you brain like Mahjong. History suggests that Mahjong was first created by Confucius, the most famous Chinese philosopher. This game was design to be fun, while challenging your mind which can make it even more fun.

Some other sites offering Mahjong for free will require registration to obtain personal information. Once obtaining personal information, you notice you mailbox is always full of spam. Since we do not ask for you to register or give out your email address, you will not experience that problem here. The same applies for the downloads. As we all know, downloads can come with viruses or Trojans. Since you will not have to download to play Mahjong, you will not have to take the chances of infecting your computer.