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About Scary Maze Game

While the Internet is full of games with deeply developed plots, amazing graphics and even online communities, many of the games that players find are from a bygone age. They’re simple, easy to play and most importantly, they’re fun. The Scary Maze Game is like that. There’s no plot, no characters, just a simple maze to navigate and something really spooky at the end of it, if you’re lucky.

How Many Mazes?

Scary Maze Game

The Scary Maze Game has become something of an Internet standby, and as such there are dozens if not hundreds of different versions of the game currently in existence online. Finding who first created it, or where the idea originally came from, is therefore pretty hard to do. Especially since these maze games are extremely simple things that don’t require a great deal of expertise to design when it comes right down to it. In fact many young programmers, when they’re first starting out, might choose a project like this game because of how relatively simple it is to play. If you type in “Scary Maze Game” into any search engine, you’re likely to come up with a wide variety of different results.

How Does The Maze Game Work?

Game play for the Scary Maze Game is pretty simple. Players start out looking at a relatively simple maze, and they have a small dot in the middle of it. Using the mouse, players have to guide the dot through the maze without touching the sides of any of the corridors. Every time the dot reaches the end of one maze the screen shifts, and players have reached the next level, opening into a new and more difficult maze. Players then have to navigate the new maze, moving carefully so as to keep the dot always in the clear. If the dot touches the sides, then the level regresses. In some versions the player will be sent all the way back to the beginning.

The scary part comes in once the Cubefield player has gotten comfortable navigating the maze. After several levels have gone by, when players are just getting into the swing of the game, it starts playing tricks. Loud noises, sudden images and other, simple tricks that are meant to make the player jump, hit the wall with the dot and then have to start all over again. It’s like a virtual fun house, with penalties for flinching.

Tips and Tricks

The Scary Maze Game is a really straightforward setup, but if players really want to make the game play at a handicap the easiest thing to do is turn down the sound. This cuts out half the stimulus, and it makes it much less likely for the player to get startled. It’s true that takes a lot of the fun out of the game, but it does make it that much easier to win. The same is true for players who can use short, controlled movements of their mouses, or better yet switch the directional control over to the keyboard. The more control a player has, the easier the game.

Where to Play?

There are a lot of places to play the Scary Maze Game, but our website offers the game for free! For those players who enjoy a little thrill, spread the word so others can play!