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About The Game

Tetris is a game that can be played online for free! It was created by Alexey Pajitnov back in 1984. The point of the game is to get all of your pieces lined up together without any gaps. When a full line is completed it will disappear. You want to try to get as many lines cleared as you can before the pieces hit the top of the screen. When they hit the top of the screen the game is over.

tetris game free

The speed throughout the Tetris game will pick up and become faster making it harder to move your shapes around the way you need them to be. You have to be quick to move them to the left or right and turn them in the direction you need for it to fit correctly.

The controls are really easy for this online game . It is played by using your keyboard arrows. The left arrow will move the shapes left. The right arrow will move them to the right. In order to rotate the shape you will need to hit the up arrow. This is going to turn it counterclockwise until you get it the way you need it to be in order to fit. By pushing the down arrow it is going to move the shape down faster. If you hit the space bar it will drop the shape into place faster than using the down arrow key. This just helps save a lot of time and gets the next shape to start dropping down. This way you can get through as many levels as possible.

A great tip is to try to look ahead at what your next shape is going to be before you drop the current one you have. Be sure to try out Tetris and like our page. Then you can share the link to the Tetris game with your friends.